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It’s almost impossible to get the right people to take you seriously.


We create books people take notice of and respond to your message

so you can make a difference while on this earth and be a huge success.





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We show entrepreneurs and aspiring authors, in step-by-step processes or done-for-you services, how to create high-quality, compelling books that allow them to positively influence large audiences and make a huge impact that then enables them to have the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of. and we’ll get you published too.


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Book Writing

We ghost write books for others. Our CEO Robert Nahas has written about 60 books for others and the count of books written by our team of amazing writers is in the hundreds. We make it simple—we interview you with the right questions in an effective clarification process and write your book for you. It’s that easy.


Book Editing

Did you know that most editors hired by
authors are not trained for editing books? The trouble lies in the vast amount of information
an editor has to manage. Our book editors are just PROFESSIONAL BOOK EDITORS who are expert at being able to polish your book to industry standard.

Best-Seller Book Marketing

If you ever wondered how certain people become Bestselling Authors, it has nothing to
do with luck or going viral. Everything amazing that happens for someone IS MADE TO
HAPPEN. This may take the wonder and magic out of things, but it’s the fact. WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE BEST-SELLERS.

Book Author Mentoring

Our book author mentoring will change your
life—no exaggeration. You are guided through
a powerful process where you are able to look
at your life in where you are and where you
want to go in the longrun. Your life’s purpose becomes crystal clear. From there, you are
able to plan out a relevant book that creates a huge impact that supports your life-long
goal—the really big one.

Book Cover Design

All book covers are NOT created equal. Too often, designs are made to look good but they have absoilutely no selling power. Our book cover designers are amazing. Combine their graphics talent with book marketing savvy and you have the right combination for the power
of attraction. We can also create other book marketing materials like bookmarks, banners and posters.

Information Product Development

A book is the starting point. Being an author
sets you apart from the competition. Having
one creates instant trust, respect and admiration. It sets the stage for an amazing future. With these credentials under your belt, it’s now possible to make a lot of money, which will enable you to create even bigger effects on the world. The most brillinat way to do that is with information products—training programs,


We’re serious about helping improve the world through go-getter clients we support. If you’re serious about making big things happen for yourself and the world at large, let us know and we will spend time with you to work out a life-changing plan for you to initiate. We have limited strategy time, so the sooner the better. Fill out the form below right now.


Non-fiction and Fiction Books


Be the next happy customer to share your success story with others!

“I have been very happy working with Robert in writing my first book. I had worked with writing coaches, ghost writers and others in an attempt to help me flush out my story and communicate it in an authentic and clear way. Not until working with Robert had I felt this was being accomplished.
“Robert provides pearls of wisdom at every step of the process and asks poignant and probing questions in an effort to provide clarity to my vision. I am excited to continue to work with him both now and in the future and have recommended him to others who are interested in telling their story and bringing value to others through book writing..”

Patrick Tyrance

NFL Football Pro Athlele, LA RAMS, Ret.

“Robert has an understanding of books like I’ve never seen before. His unique book writing formula made it possible for all 3 of my sales and personal development books to directly influence my growth from being a very successful entrepreneur to being extremely successful; just like we set out to do. “Having Robert guide the book writing process was one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made in my long-running career. “His guidance made it possible for me to become a bestselling author as well. I recommend Robert Nahas to anyone looking for big results.”

Duane Marino

3X Best-Selling Author, Unstoppable Selling Unstoppanble Money Unstoppable Attitude

” My bestsellers were through Writer Services with the knowledgeable guidance of Robert Nahas.”
” Robert knows how to make books really influence the readers.”
” I highly recommend Robert and Writer Services for your books.”

Dr. Robert Marx

2X Best-Selling Author, Deadly Prescription Deadly Consequences

“Robert Nahas and Writer Services provided me the opportunity to get my story told to the world. “The project completed within the time frame and budget planned at the start. “No hidden costs or surprises; you get what it says on the tin.”

John Alden

Royal Marine, Ret. Best-Selling Author UK, THE FALKLANDS WAR, From Defeat to Victory, ISBN: 978-1-942389-11-8


Bestselling Author, Dr Steve Webb

Bestselling Author, Dr Steve Webb

“It’s never a complete surprise when another client becomes a bestselling author because they’re doing everything possible to get it done.”

Dr. Steve Webb saw a big problem he wanted to solve in the world. He wanted to stop school violence. Like most worthy causes, this is no simple task. But Dr Webb learned that having a book was going to speed things up significantly. So, he put his faith in his author mentor by believing this was true, and he will be the first to tell you it was his smartest move towards ending school violence.

Before his book, things went forward with little steps. “Some” people would listen to him, some would invite him to speak for free. Others paid no attention to him or his practical solution. (Read More>>>)

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