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"Since this is my first book, I sought out the help of more experienced writers and came upon Writer Services on the Internet. I was naturally suspicious, thinking this would cost me a fortune while providing me little useful help but in fact found the opposite. Writer Services helped me as a first time author and even taught me some of the tricks of the trade, while still giving me latitude to write what I felt. I believe my book is much better because of their input and the cost was very reasonable. Thank you, Writer Services, for all the help you gave me. I know I'm a better author because of your influence."
 -- Pat Hanratty, Ph.D.; author of A Slice in Time

You've Got a Dream,
We've Got a Desire!™

Writer Services knows exactly how you feel about having a book written and published - it's a lifelong dream for most people! What's exciting is that you can have that all-important dedicated team of professional experts who have a strong desire to help you make your dream become reality.

Writer Services offers an unprecedented all-in-one book writing and publishing service for writers and authors. We can complete any aspect required in producing a book, including writing, rewriting, editing, mentoring, proofreading, formatting, creating book proposals for agents and publishers, cover design and even printing finished books for self-publishing ventures.

Our double-check Quality Control line and team environment, both unheard of in the industry, are all part of our insatiable commitment to raising the standard for quality in books being produced today.

Your Book
You may be a writer and have a completed manuscript or just beginning to look into how someone else might write your book for you. Whatever the case may be, you have found the source for all of the answers and solutions to your book endeavor.

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You may already know that approximately 92% of all books published each year fail, but did you know that almost all of them fail ONLY BECAUSE OF THE AUTHORS' OWN DOING? It might sound surprising to hear that authors are responsible for sabotaging their own book dreams, but no one said they do this to themselves knowingly.

Would you ever try to change the brakes on your car, build your own house, fly a 747 jet without first obtaining the knowledge and skill necessary? Of course not. But this somewhat ridiculous question brings up a more valid one: Why would anyone attempt to produce their own book without the knowledge and skill it takes to get it done correctly?

The answer to this question is not as relevant as the fact that someone would actually try is. Minimally, one needs to KNOW all of the steps of the process. And if the entire process were understood, then one would already know that it is virtually impossible to "do it all" alone, if only because the process requires different individuals who are expert in their activity to get the job done to the standard demanded by the literary world and its readers -- the people who would consider buying your book.

There are a lot of steps, phases and facets to producing a quality book, and they involve numerous individuals who are experts in their crafts. But how do you find all of these experts? This brings you back to square-one: not having enough time (or the knowledge to be able to realize a fraud from a real professional) to sift through the sea of people who claim they can do the job for you. The fact is, this process is no different from what a movie company does in casting their next movie.

People need to be interviewed and checked out thoroughly through a very time-consuming process that can take months to accomplish. Beyond the time factor, it must be realized that just one hack within the assembly line of your book can be disastrous in terms of raising extra costs, if not completely destroying your project altogether.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed with what it takes to get a book written and published to the required, acceptable standard. But this is where we pose a complete and total solution to the problem of the 92% failure rate.

Get All of Your Needed Book
Services Under One Roof!

"It never fails to amaze me: the people at Writer Services catch errors in grammar, punctuation, and subject facts that no one else does. Always on time, always affordable, always professional, Writer Services is a great asset to anyone in the business of communicating through writing."
Publisher -- J. Kahler - Team Leader / Project Manager

You can get your book written (if it's not yet written), polished and published, and avoid the hassles, costly disastrous mistakes and worries!

Writer Services offers writers and authors all of the services required for getting a book written, edited and published to the highest standard!

These services are designed for your success whether you would like to self-publish or go the traditional route. If you haven't decided, we can go over the pros and cons of each choice and direction with you. If you decide to approach a traditional publisher, we'll write a powerful, effective book proposal...

Not having to go out and find a trustworthy, true professional each time you come to every step of the book creation process is a huge factor! Because each time you have to bring in a new person, you face the risk of:

  • spending countless hours looking for the right people

  • some nonprofessional stealing your idea and information

  • someone NOT being a true professional and causing costly harm to your project, smothering your message. (The field is teeming with people who are not properly trained for the task but who "think" they are capable of doing something they know very little about because they were "good in English class" or even because they once taught the subject. But this does NOT by a long shot fulfill the requirement for being able to work on something as vast and involved as a book.)

  • Robert Nahas is a professional, full-time book writer who has written over 50 books for individuals and companies. Over the years he saw a great need for a "one stop shop" for aspiring authors to get their books written, polished and published. This need became clear from the many requests he received from so many of his clients to help them get the job done.

    As a result, Mr. Nahas formed up a team of "the best of the best" book writers (which of course includes himself), fact checkers, book editors, proofreaders, book formatters, graphic artists, marketing experts, book cover designers, and book printers one would only dream about. This company of experts, under the guidance and supervision of Robert Nahas, forms the company known as Writer Services.

    Look at what clients are saying about Writer Services:

    "Thank you for looking out for me. This is why I have gone with your group on this [book] because of how you have dealt with me the last couple of years. I know you are honest and truly seek to help people in this field.

    "Each step of the process from when I began the writing has at first been overwhelming to me. How do I begin? What do I do? I've gone into it so blindly. I'm sure you've been able to tell you are dealing with a novice. But I feel God has provided me great people to guide me. You are one of them...even if I do have to pay you for it. LOL! I appreciate the fact that you have not run up my bill and then surprised me. :)"
    --Sue Okenyi

    Now it is possible to simply deal with one source - Robert Nahas (with his team of experts) - for your entire book writing and book publishing process!

    >>>Our Mission<<<

    Put your book dream into competent hands
    with Writer Services!

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    Get a
    Consultation & An Evaluation
    of Your Book or Book Idea

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