A video from Robert Nahas

This is Robert Nahas. I’m going to talk to you today about editing.

Beyond getting your book written, you also have to get your book edited. There are different kinds of editors, and it’s good to know the differences between them.

Book editors for publishers are actually editors who deal with the production of a book, as well as the marketing, the cover design, and different aspects. They basically overlook the entire book creation process. That is not the kind of editor you’re looking for when creating and writing your book.

The kind of editor you want to have is either a copy editor, a line editor, or a developmental editor—depending on how deep you need to go with your work.

Typically what you run into on the Internet is copy editors. And you’ll think that you’re getting your book edited to the degree that you need to, when you’re not. And that’s probably the biggest misconception that you can have as an aspiring author.

A copy editor just goes through what could be considered the superficial, though very important, or high level aspects of a book, like spelling, grammar, and bad punctuation—those kinds of things, to the point where they want to try to make it as error free as possible.

But that in no way goes into information flow, how your content or the information that you have in the text actually flows from one chapter to the next. Is it understandable by the reader? Or will it be understandable by the reader? So that’s where the developmental editing comes in and is extremely important.

So it’s important to have two editors actually work on your book. And again, the two kinds of editors you have to have are: copy editors and developmental editors, or who are also known as line editors.

Then you have either what’s called, “light edit,” or “heavy edits.”

A light edit is just what it sounds like. There’s not a whole lot to do, there’s no major changes to do.

Heavy edits, on the other hand, will require extensive work, and it takes a lot of time and money. But obviously it’s worth it. With all the time that you spent on writing your book, you need to have it polished and communicate the way it needs to. And it can be heavy enough where the need for calling in a writer to do some rewriting may actually be required as well.

So that’s it on editing, beyond that you’re going to need proofreading. But I’ll go into that on another video.

I’ll be talking with you soon. Thank you.

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