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A "Full-Service" Literary Services Company

Writer Services delivers the pinnacle of what is most needed and wanted by authors and entrepreneurs: A SINGLE PLACE TO GET EVERYTHING DONE FOR CREATING THEIR BOOKS.

Whether for traditional publishing or self-publishing efforts, Writer Services makes the involved and often daunting tasks of writing, editing, publishing and marketing books as simple as asking that we get it done for you.

Writer Services was established in 1999 by writer/bestselling author Robert Nahas as a solution to a very big problem. Writers, authors and entrepreneurs had no single trusted source for the much needed help, expertise and coordination required to turn an idea into a book. He saw far too many worthwhile books not being written or published, and even worse, books that could have been great but turned out poorly.

There are companies that will take and produce what is given to them—no matter WHAT condition the manuscript is in. There are also companies (or individuals) who only offer a single aspect of service required in the "production line" of numerous tasks needed for producing a professional, polished manuscript and ultimately a high-quality book.

What about ISBN numbers? WHEN should you copyright? What is necessary for making your book compatible with the retail industry so it won't be rejected simply because of a technical matter? What about bar codes, cover design, book marketing? What's the best way to publish? Who can you trust? Before Writer Services, there was nowhere to turn.

>>>Our Mission<<<

Who is the Owner?
Robert Nahas is a professional book writer, best-selling author and founder/CEO of He has 30+ years of business experience in the retail, manufacturing, and service industries—15+ years specifically in the book industry.

Robert S. Nahas, President and founder of Writer ServicesStarting at the age of nine, and running over a twelve year span, Robert began to learn the business of business as well as customer and employee relations by working in grocery, restaurant, and other family-owned business-to-consumer establishments. At the age of 21, he put his experience and observation to the test by opening his first business on his own.

During the eighteen-year existence of this successful sports and recreation retail store, he also established a manufacturing company. From this company, he was responsible for resurrecting a very famous fishing lure first invented in the 1940s called the Niantic Bay Spinner. This business-to-business experience further broadened his understandings of business itself, the people who interact within the business realm and the importance of good leadership for success.

Robert since has come to live out his true passion of writing books and offering an array of literary services through his company, He and his team of professionals deliver book writing, editing, proofreading, and every other possible necessity that aspiring authors might need for having a quality, successful book.

Robert Nahas has studied under some of the greatest educators and philosophers of our time, giving him a well-rounded perspective of not only business, but also human nature, human behavior, and human evaluation. Needless to say, his expertise in business and people skills is vast, uncommon, and invaluable.

Robert currently helps aspiring authors succeed, not only through well-written books, but also by engendering business savvy to his clients in order to succeed with the business side of books. He has led hundreds of people in the business world to great success. Eventually, he plans to retire and document all of his knowledge to share with the business world.

Robert Nahas, Founder/CEO
Writer Services, LLC
1938 North Hercules Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33763

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