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A Winning Book Marketing Strategy

When to Start Your Book Marketing Efforts

There is widespread misunderstanding among aspiring authors and even in many areas of the book publishing industry in the time to begin the marketing strategies of a book. It is common practice to only begin promoting either after a book has been written and printed or, at best, a couple of months before a book launch.

The fact remains that book marketing plans, strategies and implementation should begin well greased and in full steam ahead far in advance of a book's launch. In fact, this time period should not be less than 3 years in advance in order to create enough impact for success on any number of levels.

One well-known and effective example would be the Harry Potter books. Although the consequent book or books are not yet done or even started, intensive book marketing had been employed, which successfully proved to keep public interest running high. In the same manner, the book that you are planning to publish should have a well-established book marketing plan before, during and after its publication.

No Exceptions

This does not excuse those who plan to seek traditional publishers. On the contrary, by being a savvy author and showing (by action) that you are willing to take responsibility for your own success and that of your book, your chances of actually attracting the largest publishers in the industry increase exponentially.

A Viable Book Marketing Plan

Before eventually bringing your book to the market, it is imperative that you have wrought out a viable book marketing plan. This plan needs to define how your book (and you) become well-known and well thought of. You have to figure out how you will bring your book from being unknown to vastly known. You and your book need to be highly visible to potential book buyers. And don't think for a moment that "the publisher is going to do all of that," because that is the greatest misconception there is among aspiring book authors.

Your book marketing plan also needs to define many other aspects, like your target audience or readership, pre-publishing and post-publishing marketing, a unique angle that makes your book different and better than other competing books, an enticing book description, perfect book cover, and the market channels or outlets which will serve as the trade venue for your books (if self-publishing). These are just a few of the things to be worked out and, more importantly, implemented.

Be Enlightened with Author Marketing

This is not to overwhelm you. It is to enlighten and enable you to succeed by knowing what it takes to be a successful author. And as we never bring up a challenge without a solution right behind it, Robert Nahas has made sure that no stone is left unturned for aspiring authors in achieving goals and being a successful author by putting together one of the most powerful professional teams in book marketing history—the best of the best book marketing, PR and promotion.

Most authors who fail to consider all the factors when writing a book or having it written by a ghost writer may find it difficult and problematic when it finally comes to the creation and implementation of the book marketing plan. The ideal approach to such roadblocks is to segregate your marketing plan details into major categories. Upon doing so, you are relieved from looking at too much all at once. And it also makes it possible then to delegate actions and activities to others who are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and can create some great results for you.

The Main Point About Book Marketing

The bulk of the task or work that needs to be considered with any book marketing plan is the book promotion and marketing as well as the actual selling of it. Book marketing essentially revolves around the various avenues or channels where your book is made available for readers (consumers). You have numerous options, like making your books present at bookstores, newspaper ads and even on TV, magazine promotions, or at the online world.

Aside from book stores, your work may be well marketed to non-traditional book buyers, like display retailers, book clubs, catalogs, gift retailers, volume buyers, corporations, foundations, schools and foreign markets.

With all of these avenues being productive, we would be remiss if we did not tell you that we have found that the Internet has proven to be the most viable and cost-effective way to get the most from your marketing dollars, time and energy.

What's important to also know is that through the book marketing channels in making your published work available to book buyers, for instance through brick & mortar bookstores and, you are going to create the biggest impact not only for your current book, but for all subsequent books and products you may decide to offer, by enabling the public to get to know you, the author!

A substantial portion of this can be achieved with the Internet if you know exactly how. Otherwise, one tends to spin their wheels, so to speak. But when the right actions are being done, the results can be mind-boggling.

The Role of the Internet For Marketing a Book

The online world has evolved from just mere communication into the largest interactive hub known to mankind. The Internet is more and more becoming a business platform. Combine this with the already massive social networking arena, and for an author, you have the greatest congregation of potential buyers available anywhere!

In your book marketing plan, the Internet surely needs to be one of the avenues to directly reach your targeted audience and of course potential customers. In fact, we at Writer Services propose that it should be your main avenue among all others due to its effectiveness, lower costs and interactive capabilities with audiences.

People can't readily get to know and be familiarized with you and your work. So it is important to include the component of PUBLICITY early in your book marketing plan as well.

Having a plan, implementing that plan, striving to have organization (which means order and control) and ongoing book marketing, PR and publicity campaigns is the secret and of the proven method to drive interest of consumers to buy your book and cause desirable substantial effects for book sales, and often more importantly, in opening vast doors of opportunity you never dreamed initially possible.

Again, Writer Services is your all-under-one-roof literary services company in that we can help you as much or as little as you need in making your book sell and you as an author or entrepreneur vastly successful.

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