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Book Design – Make Sure People See Your Work in the Right Light

Simply put, a standard manuscript looks like pages which have been typed on a typewriter. Book Design is the process of transforming rather mundane, cold-looking text into something inviting to the eye, intriguing to the mind, appealing to the soul.

Ultimately, book design turns a manuscript into looking like a handsome book. Still in electronic format (on a computer) your information is made ready for the printer.

Book Design is yet another facet to the book production process. If you wish to self-publish, we can get this done for you and make your book look like a million bucks with how the letters, numbers, paragraphs, illustrations and pages are crafted into something very appealing and tasteful – and most of all, professional.

Beyond making your written information look great, Book Design involves other very important aspects, such as making sure the Table of Contents and Index are properly numbered in relation to the text, chapters are numbered properly and that everything meets specific printer specifications.

The Right Book Cover Can Make Sure that Your Book is the One They Buy!

Will People Pass by Your Book for a Competitor’s?

There’s more to creating an EFFECTIVE book cover than meets the eye. Will yours catch the attention of potential readers, or will it drive them away?

The book cover is the most crucial aspect to a book, next to it being well-written. The cover is the first thing readers see.

Did you know that certain colors are more effective on certain demographics (types of people) than others? Depending on your targeted audience, things like color choice, the size of your book, what copy (writing) is on the back cover… and so much more, must ALL be packaged together properly in order to have a cover that helps a book.

Take a look at the types of covers we make for authors>>>

Beyond an effective book cover design, do you know what elements the industry requires you have on the cover? If you don’t have them ALL, where they’re supposed to be located, your book – no matter how good it is – will be rejected by all major retailers, wholesalers and libraries.

The industry also requires certain technical specifications regarding color separation, crop marks, bleed and other “fancy terms.” So even with a good-looking cover, would you know whether it were up to standard?

As you can see, a lot goes into making a book cover, and the coordination involved is demanding. If you give a printer something they can’t use, you will be charged hefty fees for them to fix it.

Writer Services has experienced, creative Book Design specialists who know their business. We have designed some of the finest, most effective book covers and book jackets the industry has ever seen. Let us help you with your book cover. You tell us your vision, we’ll share with you our expertise about marketing and book covers, and together we’ll put a wrapping around your work that you’ll be very proud of!