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Book Gallery

Some of the books that have been written/edited/proofread by Writer Services, LLC.

book writing services

A true account of unjustly being charged and looking at a 20-year sentence. You’ll question our “justice” system

Four specialists offer information on how to become healthier and reverse the aging process, mentally and physically.

A moving testament to one man’s refusal to accept defeat, even in the face of the worst that life could throw at him.

Three experts show how to save your home and credit in the most brutal of all foreclosure states – California.

This book talks in detail about the true nature of men and strips away the social restraints and pressures that burden and entrap and oppress them.
Written by Dr. David Eigen.

Journey into a world where good and evil trade places without warning, and where your allegiance to every character will rise and fall with every surprising plot twist.

A mother of 4 autistic children shares her perspective and offers very helpful information to parents, teachers, therapists, police and emergency personnel on autism.

Pub: PROMINENT BOOKS, Non-fiction: 200 years of U.S. Marine Corps strategy on developing leaders and combining it with long-term business experience, successful entrepreneurial knowledge, and social interaction, to the end of having any group get along better and increase their survival potential through increased productivity. A LEADER PROVIDES teaches anyone to become a great leader of others; whether it be a family, a company or nation.

Many books have been written that document the 9/11 tragedy. These books tell of the tragedy, but that is where the story begins with Healing The Hero’s Heart. Though this book stems from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it does not dwell on the tragedy but rather emphasizes the emotional pain associated with the tragedy and the slow healing process – a process still going on today.

Whether you want to make more money by closing more sales, having as many prospects as you can possibly handle and/or you want to continue honing your sales craft, then Unstoppable Selling is for you!

Caught in the Crossfire is the true story about a decorated officer in the U.S. Army who dedicated her life to the country she loved more than herself.

Erotica For Women in a Supernatural Romance.

Secrets about creating a perfect credit score that bankers don’t want you to know about.

A book about how mathematics equates to revelations of the Bible.

Dr. Aron Shlau shows how to get prescriptions for free or almost free.

A young readers’ book about a real dog and the life he lives with is family.

PROMINENT BOOKS; Memoir: An amazing true story of struggle, METH addiction, recovery and inspiration.

An amazing weight loss book that reveals your body type, opening up the secret to losing weight fast.