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The Cover Creates The Spark That Ignites Success!

As with every product to be offered to the public, how a book looks is the key to sales success.

To the untrained eye, a book cover is a book cover is a book cover. In other words, book cover design has no importance in the author's equation because, "it's all the same and not a big deal. What's important is how great my material is!" This is one of the biggest oversights that aspiring authors make with their books! These famous last words have been said many times by people we've heard nothing of. Why? Because ... we never noticed them and therefore never came to realize their books.

Coming up with a book cover idea that is effective, impacting, and, most importantly, alluring is a grossly overlooked aspect and is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING ACTIONS AN AUTHOR CAN DO TO ATTRACT ATTENTION TO THEIR BOOKS!

Sales people explain things and enlighten people about products and services. But before they can even do those things, their prospects need to become interested prior. What's interesting about books is that, with an effective dust jacket or soft cover design, the interest is all that's needed to sell the product! That's right, books will sell themselves IF interest and attention is initially captured.

This is not to say that other marketing activities are unnecessary. They most certainly are. But success only becomes possible with a path of least resistance. It is ONLY after people become interested or intrigued or curious ... about something that it becomes possible for them to buy it. Technically, with a killer book cover concept, you start the communication process. And that's all you need ... if, of course, your title is right, your chapter names are appealing, your book's content is good, and so forth.

It definitely is an orchestration of a number of aspects that create success for an author. That is why has been so valuable to so many authors. So, your book's cover design, and the ideas that go into creating one, is most certainly THE INITIAL SPARK THAT OPENS THE DOOR TO SERIOUS BOOK SALES AND AUTHOR SUCCESS.

With "the perfect storm" of book creation AND a quality book cover or dust jacket, with a bright cover idea and book marketing savvy, you become the author whose books get noticed out of the vast sea of other books that tend to be a blur to book buyers.

So you can see why it is not just a talented artist or book cover designer or any one thing that makes an effective dust jacket or book cover. It is a number of very important aspects that must be brought together in a harmonious combination. And when this happens, then all of the other efforts, financial investments and sweat equity become exponentially more effective. THE SECRET IS IN THE COVER! Make sure that your book's cover creates that spark that will ignite YOUR success!!


Let Writer Services help you with your book cover. We know book cover design, and we have great cover ideas and concepts specifically for books!

You tell us your vision, we'll share with you our book marketing knowledge and expertise, and together we'll create a book cover or dust jacket for your book that will cause that spark of interest which will help ignite your marketing efforts...

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