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Book Writing


The Difference Between
Something That Covers a Book
And a Book Cover That Sells Books

Putting aside the great importance of having a book written and polished to the level of quality that will be a great value to a specific audience, your book's cover is an extremely important aspect for its success. It is more or less a "make or break point" for your book.

You might be wondering why a dust jacket to a book would be so influential. After all, if it's a great story or life-changing information, why wouldn't it sell like hot cakes?

A book needs to be able to sell itself. No one, other than the author, is going to explain and promote one's book. There are no salespeople in the book stores. More so, there are librarian-like staff who will find a book you're looking for, but that's about it.

It is important to understand that a book's cover is the first communication that a potential reader receives about your book. It is your one and only split-second opportunity to incite the impulse to pick up your book (or click on it, if it's being viewed online).

"What is the key to making a book cover effective" is a riddle most authors, graphic designers, and marketers have been trying to master forever. A successful cover or dust jacket is certainly not created only out of a knowledge of the color wheel, an understanding of contrast, or the ability to make a nice-looking work of art on a 6x9 canvas. Though these qualities are most certainly necessary parts, they, by themselves, are not enough. There is so much riding on one's book cover that it can be the difference between success and failure.

Nonexistence is the most difficult thing to overcome when not understanding what creates interest and then cause desire. Your book's cover design is the first, most important step in getting out of this lonely, invalidating, even embarrassing state of having no one interested in you or your book! So one does NOT want to stay there for long, if only because--beyond the difficulty of the experience--it becomes more and more difficult to remain positive, energized and excited about the dream and passion of being a published author.

What you put on the outside of your book is not as simple as hiring a graphic artist and having him or her create a nice front, spine and back cover for your book by putting together some colors, typing in the title, and off you go. Things like having an understanding of the targeted audience, which colors and images will repel and which will magnetize, what font will work best for the title and other vitally important matters must be taken into account. An effective book cover is achieved with the perfect balance and combination of aesthetics, color and text.

What makes it so challenging is that your book only has between 1 to 2 seconds to stop the potential buyer. Within the brief moment that someone glides past your cover, it has to cause potential readers to take notice and become interested enough to want to read the title. When they read the title, they then need to be compelled to read the subtitle (if there is one). Then they will either walk away or turn the book over and read the back cover copy. Once reading the back copy, they should be compelled to open the book and look at the Table of Contents and then the Introduction or initial text ... ultimately buying, reading and raving about your book!

To approach your book cover lightly or as "a last minute thing to get done before being able to publish" is a deadly mistake that a great many authors commit. Don't be like everyone else. The majority fails, so you want no part in doing things the way everyone else does. Take your book's cover very seriously, as if it were your one and only opportunity to interest the world about the awesome information that you have to offer them within your pages.


Let us help you with your book cover. We take covers seriously. You tell us your vision, we'll share with you the missing element that most authors overlook, which is our expertise about book marketing. And, together, we'll package your book with something that will entice complete strangers to buy and read it!

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