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Book Writing


How to Find
the Perfect Ghost Writer
to Write Your Book


Ghost Writer, Ghost Writer, Wherefore Art Thou? Though the thought of writing a book and being a published author is enchanting, there is a more practical side to having success as an author. And it involves knowing how to find a book writer who can write a book good enough to become a bestseller.

Let's face it, as in any field, mediocrity is everywhere, around every corner. And it's amazing at how well people can present themselves as top-notch when they do not even fall under the category of "professional" simply by the way they carry themselves and more importantly, how poorly they write books.

As this author has been on a crusade to improve the 90 (plus) percent failure rate of published books that come out annually, it is vitally important to understand as an aspiring author that THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO YOUR SUCCESS IS SELECTING THE PERFECT GHOST WRITER FOR YOUR BOOK.

To find a ghost writer worthy of your time for an interview, here are a few things to keep in mind which will eliminate a great deal of confusion and time from your quest:

1. When searching for a ghost writer online, stay clear of the venues where you can post your project and people bid for your employment. Though there are a "few" good writers (literally 3 or 4 out of thousands), the vast number of self-proclaimed and wishful individuals who try to bypass the proper path of experience or education is simply far too great to chance with your lifelong book endeavor. And when you know where to look for true professionals, there's really no reason to spend hours upon hours sifting through the haystack for a needle.

2. Look for reputable entities, preferably a company that has been around for a while. The longer in business, the better. I say go for a company over an individual simply because you usually get a lot more service than you will from a single ghost writer. The ideal situation is to find a reputable company of over 10 years with a professional website, a lot of books under their belt, and a Better Business Bureau rating of no less than a B-. Ideally, they will have an A or A+ rating, but that's tough to find.

3. Look for a polished website. Certainly you wouldn't want to see a bunch of typos from someone who is supposed to be in command of the written word.

4. Also, look for a website that communicates well. This is a sign of one's professionalism and writing ability at least in the marketing realm. Does it read well? Is the information interesting? Does it make you want to stay at the website and continue reading, looking at more and more web pages?

5. Use search terms like GHOST WRITER SERVICES, GHOSTWRITING SERVICES, BOOK WRITING SERVICES, BOOK WRITER SERVICES. These tend to provide results of a more professional slice of what's out there, versus the weekend writer who has a day job misrelated to this craft. That's another reason to look for a company. There are a lot of individuals who are not committed to the craft, and it will show in your book in a lacking manner.

6. Run a quick search on when you find a ghostwriter or ghostwriting company that looks promising. Type in the name of the ghost writer or book writer. Do any books show up with their name attached to them?

These are just a few ways to search and find worthy ghostwriters.

Finding the perfect ghost writer becomes a simple task when you know what you now know. Not to mention knowing how to protect your book from the sabotage of a pseudo-writer. The best recommendation anyone can give you is: DON'T SHOP BY LOWEST PRICE AND GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING ABOUT WHO YOU CHOOSE AS YOUR GHOST WRITER. Follow this information and you'll do just fine. Good luck and Godspeed!

—Robert Nahas

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