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Proofreading Services

Make Sure People See You as the Professional You Really Are!


“Thank you for everything! Writer Services is in a league of their own in regard to editing, proofreading, and researching standards. You always make crucial changes that no one else seems to catch. Your willingness to go above and beyond to please your clients blows me away! On top of it all, Writer Services is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend your services to all publishing companies.”

S. Baker – Publications Managing Editor

You Are What You Write

It is an interesting phenomenon that very able individuals can come across to others as being unintelligent or even illiterate simply by allowing just a few small errors to exist within their written work.

While confidence, trust, admiration and reverence can be the result of well written communication, lack of confidence, mistrust and degradation of character can appear overnight from poor writing.

It is unfortunate that this somewhat harsh conclusion is so hastily drawn by our friends, colleagues and the world at large, yet this is the way things are. It is absolutely true that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WRITE.

Produce a book or manuscript with typographical errors, improper grammar and misuse of words and you begin to drill holes into the bottom of your wayward ship, metaphorically speaking.

It is only a matter of pages before the majority of your readers “conclude” that they cannot rely on the author or the information, and they will “put the book down” long before finishing it – literally, and vocally to others.

If you doubt that such severe criticism exists, just think for a moment how you react when you see a typo in writing. To most people it is a RED FLAG for numerous possibilities of incompetence.

When readers purchase a book, they put their trust in the author to supply them with accurate data, or to make them feel a certain emotion, or to allow them a chance to escape for awhile in some perfect world where imagination has no boundaries.

But mistakes are like deep scratches in a phonograph record: they abruptly jolt readers from their thought process, and their attention goes onto the mistake.

Empower Yourself by Offering Excellence in Writing

There is no argument to the fact that the written word is taken very seriously in today’s society. When good communication exists in writing, people pay attention.

This, in itself, shows the limitless potential one has to position him/herself very high in social realms – groups, business and society as a whole.

The fact is, if one could communicate brilliantly enough, he or she could practically write their own check for their endeavors.

Professional Proofreading Services

Think about this for a moment…

Food for Thought

You have a book proposal or a manuscript that you’ve spent hours creating. You’ve worded everything as perfectly as possible with the intention of influencing the reader, steering their thought process.

But just as a coffee ring on a resume would destroy any possibility of having it taken seriously, mistakes in writing – which are ANY improper uses of words, misspellings or incorrect uses of grammar – would be devastating. The reader wouldn’t have his attention on the strong wording and underlying intention. He would be thinking critical thoughts.

On the other side of the coin, when your written communication is perfectly done, there are no hidden land mines just waiting to destroy all your efforts.

As you likely know or have witnessed for yourself…

The author of a written piece cannot adequately proofread his/her own work. And passing it off to someone who did well in English class might result in “some” mistakes found, but it is the trained professional who gets the desired results.

Hire the Best

Writer Services offers a proven team of meticulous professional proofreaders that work together to find those damaging errors – even the very subtle ones – that destroy an otherwise well-written piece. This kind of “team” production is unheard of in this industry!


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