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Thank you for visiting our website! Here are a few other sites, authors, videos, TV interviews, etc… We feel you might enjoy:

Robert Nahas works with entrepreneurs on a regular basis. The power of having a professionally written and produced book is a very powerful thing to have as an entrepreneur. It opens countless doors, for years to come.

His very first client, Dr. Aaron Schlau, was interviewed on TV recently about the book that Writer Services, LLC created with him. Here is a portion of that television interview (above).


Lem Moore Interviews Robert Nahas on Saturday Morning Cup of Joe


www.davideigen.com/ This is the website of Author, David Eigen, PhD.
His award-winning book, Men – The Gods of Love; Gender Studies Institute Press, was edited by WriterServices.net.
Website for his book: www.menthegodsoflove.com

Author Sue Okenyi’s website for her newly published book about the lives of the responding police and firefighters affected by the 9/11 tragedy and their process of cope and healing: Healing the Hero’s Heart; Prominent Books (TM).

Book Copyrigthing Information & Services

The Importance of Protecting Your Book’s Information

Protect Your Manuscript While Your Book Is Being Written

Copyright Your Book

Copyright Basics for Authors 

Writing Services

Academic Writing Services
Term papers, essays and other academic writing services.

Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life: The Principles of Quality by Don Dewsnap, Prominent Books (TM), is a book that shows how anyone can add or increase the quality in their life, in any area.

The Truth About Book Writing, Being an Author and
What Is Required to Succeed with a Book of Your Own

If you are serious about succeeding and changing your life with a book of your own that will possess the true potential for long-term demand, being bought and read for generations to come, then buy and read this book. You will be very glad you did, because this priceless information is nowhere else to be found.

The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Books, movies, music and everything else you need.

Want to Start Blogging?

Educational website with informative resources for web beginners. Video tutorials and other helpful development tools for taking your first steps in making an online presence.

This website offers a free step-by-step tutorial on creating and growing your first blog, including how to pick a domain name and hosting company, installing your content management system (WordPress), and publishing your first post.

StartBloggingOnline.com A great blog with helpful information for writers and authors to have their own blog. With your own blog you can express your opinions, improve your writing skills simply by writing more, and even publish your e-books.

Dr. David Eigen’s book, Men – The Gods of Love, published by Gender Studies Institute Press, recently received the prestigious Nautilus Award!

Dr. Eigen had a dream of being a published author some day. He closed his practice to pursue his passion and toiled at the keyboard for two years, putting down his thought and ideas, gathering data and researching his theories.

His desire to help men understand themselves and to have women understand their opposites was only a flicker of reality at that point. At times things looked bleak and impossible, but he never lost sight of his dream.

Through his perseverance, the support from his family and friends and editorial expertise of Writer Services, his book was carved into a quality book full of valuable information from which others would soon gain. His manuscript was now ready for submitting to literary agents and bona-fide publishers.

In less than a year’s time, and under Dr. Eigen’s relentless pursuit of publishers, he was taken on by Gender Studies Institute Press. And the rest is quickly becoming history.

In July of 2008, Dr. Eigen received a call that his book had won first place for the Nautilus Award!

He has plans for two more books, one is about women, and the other about men and women in accord.

* * *

Lori Rakieski appeared on the popular television show, “The Doctors”

Lori Rakieski came to Writer Services with a dream of helping autistic children and their parents to deal with the social barriers and misunderstandings so prevalent. We helped Lori achieve her goals and have her dream come to fruition through her book as the catalyst to it all.

In the photo above, Lori is seen as a special guest on “The Doctors” with her husband, Dan. They have a large family with 8 children, of which 4 have autism. Her book, Understanding Autism: Useful Information for Dealing with Autism from Parents Who Have Lived with It 24/7, has educated parents, teachers and therapists to better understand what parents go through with an autistic child. Emergency personnel have gained great insight in how to deal with a lost autistic child, which are known for running out of their houses and will not answer to voices they do not recognize. These and other valuable topics are covered in this wonderful book.